Every piece. Every part. Engineered for performance.

Resetting the bar for quality and performance


Strength Stronger than grade 2 titanium

What are you made of? If you are a Black Gold® PURE 75 Bowsight, you’re made of a premium 7075 billet aluminum alloy, so tough it’s 84% stronger than the common 6061 alloy used to make virtually all other bowsights. In fact, 7075 is stronger than grade 2 titanium!

  • Using premium 7075 billet aluminum alloy allows for extreme strength and lightweight design. No other bowsight has ever been made like this!
  • MVD all-metal vertical drive system offers unmatched strength and reliability

Brightness The brightest pins on the planet

PURE pins are the brightest made, period. This is critically important for low light shooting.

  • SkyCoil Technology gathers 300% more light
  • PURE 75 Series bowsights all feature Black Gold’s revolutionary and patented PhotoChromatic technology that automatically adjusts pin brightness for available light
  • Fully machined micro-groove pin design for maximum brightness, durability and fiber protection
  • Customizable pin options available

Adjustability Adjustability is the mother of precision

You’d expect the best sights to have the most extensive adjustability, and they do!

  • More windage adjustment to fit all bows and shooting styles
  • Extra-wide and smooth micro-adjust Inch Wheel is calibrated so one turn equals a one-inch aiming point change at 20 yards (PURE Gold)
  • 8-click-per-inch horizontal/vertical micro-adjustment
  • Monster dovetails ensure effortless adjustment and unrivaled lockdown power
  • 3rd axis adjustability, critical for accurate uphill and downhill shooting
  • Vertical dovetail allows for easy vertical gang micro-adjustment. Making small movements to accommodate string stretch, peep slippage or rest adjustments has never been easier!
  • Zero-out design: Sight heads are on vertical dovetails so you can zero them out at the top range. This allows you to put your sight at a pre-set distance of choice without having to look

Durability Tougher than an overcooked venison steak

PURE 75 Series sights are built incredibly strong.

  • 7075 aluminum alloy construction for unbeatable durability
  • Machined, micro-groove pin design protects fiber along entire length, virtually eliminating pin or fiber breakage
  • Guard design protects pins as well as PhotoChromatic shell (see image above)
  • Monster clamping dovetails are unsurpassed for ruggedness
  • Splined gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel when making vertical adjustments

Innovation Features you may see on other bow-sights...in a few years

PURE’s 7075 alloy construction is not all that’s revolutionary about PURE 75 Series bowsights

  • Incredibly durable, MVD all-metal vertical drive mechanism will be the standard by which all others are judged!
  • "Floating" sight pin bushings (patent pending) make pin fine-tuning smooth, easy and fast
  • Exclusive, low-friction coating minimizes the need for oil or grease in the vertical drive, which can attract dust and dirt and lead to a clogged mechanism

Performance Fasten your seat belt!

You get what you pay for. In this case, you get PURE performance and unmatched attention to details that matter.

  • Angled sight scale allows viewing from back and side
  • 54 different sight tapes included for virtually any bow speed
  • Over-sized adjustable level is easier to see and set up
  • Fluorescent sight ring for easy peep line-up
  • Optional 2X or 4X power lens
  • Fit and finish that is exquisite, second to none
  • The best guarantee in the business!




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